LOIA was created to simplify loyalty programs and how they were being offered and managed. As loyalty customers, we noticed: the pains and problematic waste of reward cards, a redundant amount of reward apps that are usable at one particular business and little to no engagement with the customer.


LOIA exists as a loyalty program that helps businesses ditch plastic and paper reward cards and provides a safe way for loyalty programs to help all kinds of businesses flourish.

Moisés Pio

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mandy Renneberg

Co-founder, Chief Marketing and Project Officer

Matheus Frozzi

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer

Our Mission

To simplify customer loyalty programs and provide a sustainable and alternative option to reward loyal customers.

Our Vision

To be the leading loyalty rewards platform for businesses and customers that delivers the best-in-class technology and engaging loyalty program that seamlessly integrates into one convenient application.

Become a LOIA Rewards merchant

Ditch the plastic and paper rewards card and provide your staff and customers a safe contactless way to collect and redeem points.


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